Bread Society

Bible Exhibit

A gallery exposing the authenticity of the Bible through visual creative presentations. It also showcases different artworks of BRead members showing scenes from the Bible.

Bible Rack and Bible Giving

A sharing a word of God. Giving Bible to all students.

Bread DSWD Volunteering

In response to the call of government and non-government organizations, Bread members volunteer to help in relief management and other activities to support public services

Bible Studies

Learning the Bible doesn’t stop in just reading it. BRead members also listen to Biblical wisdom through this.

Bread Jam

A friendly battle of the bands wherein members from different universities showcase their musical talents and jam with one another.

Bread Rescue

A group of dedicated BRead members who underwent first aid training that aims to serve the whole academic community by devoting time during schools’ and universities’ major events.

Breadgada Eskwela

An annual activity wherein BRead members volunteer to clean the classroom and school grounds.

Career Orientation Program

A career talk that provides students a wide perspective on different fields and effective decision-making principles on which field/career to choose.

Gift Giving

A public service activity wherein BRead members provide goods to the less-fortunate in the streets

Libread Gupit

A Libread Gupit for anyone.

Libread School Supplies

A Free Giving school supplies.

Bible Fest

A festival of various games and competitions about the Scriptures such as Bible Quiz Bee, Verse Memorization, Bible Preaching, etc.


A n inter-perspective discussion about social and current topics/ issues. Through symposia, the audience learn what relevant resource speakers and what the Bible has to say about these topics.

Leadership Training

An in-depth officers’ training that aims to cultivate potential leadership skills.

Medical-Dental-Legal Missions

A service-oriented program that provides medical, dental, and legal services for free.

Bread Lunch

An activity wherein members and non-members (guests) gather together to have their lunch.

Bread Cup

Members from various universities compete with one another in a game of basketball.

Bread Summer Cup

An annual outdoor event that includes various workshops, seminar, and other fun and learning activities focusing on character enhancement

Bread Film Showing

An activity wherein members and non-members (guests) gather together to have their lunch.

Bread Teambuilding

An activity wherein members and non-members (guests) gather together to  increase their motivation and boost cooperation.